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The Bungee Run is for the big kids and adults.  It's competitive and lot of fun.  Two people put on a harness that's attached to a bungee.  There is a vinyl block that is attached near the end of the run.  The first person to retrieve it is the winner.  Caution: The Bungee is strong and it will pull you back when you reach the end of the run or when you quit pulling.  It's a lot of fun but do not get on this unit if you have any type of back or neck problems or are pregnant etc.  You need to be in good physical condition to use this bounce.

The Bungee Run bounce measures 15'W X 30'L X 12"H.

It rents for $125.00 per day on weekdays and $150.00 per day on weekends.  

  This price includes delivery and set up at your site and pick up at the end of the day. 

All bounces are rented for a maximum of 8 hours a day.

     These prices are for the Hamilton, Corvallis & Darby area only.

Additional charges will be added for travel distance outside this area. 

Call 406-369-0818




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